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Startup Instructions

  • After you sign up, CARS will invite you via email to become a Driver, you will be asked to download the Dashride Driver App.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the App, you’ll be asked to Sign Up for an account using the email address from the invitation.
  • When signing up for your account please select a password that is easy for you to remember!
  • Upon completion of setting up your account, you’ll be able to login using the email and password you just created.
After logging in successfully, you’ll be asked to ‘Choose Company‘.
  1. If you have  been added as a Driver for should appear in the list.
  2.  Select the Company name ( CARS) , select your vehicle, and you’ll begin to receive rides.
Please Note: If you do not see CARS listed it’s most likely due to the fact that we have NOT added you yet.  If that may be the case, please contact us by email: 


  1. Download the Dashride App (image of the google play and apple store)
  2. Click on “I’M NEW TO DASHRIDE
  3. Enter your personal information.*
  4. Click “SIGN UP”
  5. Click “GO ONLINE
  6. Choose your company ( CARS) and click “ADD YOUR VEHICLE
  7. Fill out the required information and “SAVE + CONTINUE”.
  8. Click “GO ONLINE” to begin accepting rides
*Your email needs to be pre-authorized by CARS. Please talk to us or email if you need help.

My Rides:

Rides will be assigned to you by the dispatcher. In the “MY RIDES” tab your rides are separated in 2 categories: “PENDING” rides and “MY RIDES”.


  1. You can tap on the ride to view more details;
  2. Click “ACCEPT” to confirm the ride or “REJECT” to decline.
  3. Once you have accepted, the ride will appear under the “MY RIDES” column.
  4. If you are unable to pick up a “PENDING” ride, click “REJECT” and it will be reassigned to another driver.

Active Ride:

  1. To start a ride, swipe the “MARK IN ROUTE” box at the bottom of the screen to notified dispatcher that you’re in route.
  2. Once you arrive at a location, swipe the “MARK ARRIVED” box at the bottom of the screen to notify the passenger.
  3. When the passenger is in the car, swipe “START RIDE” to begin tracking the distance and duration of the trip found at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Once you arrive at the destination swipe MARK COMPLETE and a subtotal will be generated
  5. If necessary, you may add any additional costs, such as tolls at this time. To do this press “CHARGE” and add the surcharge.
  6. You have the option to rate your passenger after this process is complete.

Available Rides:

  1. This tab is for rides that have not yet been assigned to a driver.
  2. You may claim any of these rides by clicking
  3. The rides you accept from the AVAILABLE tab will move into your ACTIVE rides list.


How it works